Hair and makeup tips for a headshot session

In an increasingly digital age, your headshot often serves as the primary visual connection you have with others. To build trust, it’s important that your headshot genuinely reflects you on your best day.


  • Style your hair as you typically would for an everyday look.
  • If you have long hair, anticipate some adjustments in front of the camera.
  • Short hair generally requires less adjustments.
  • Bring essential hair products and tools like brushes or combs.
  • Minor issues, like stray hairs or grays, can be addressed in retouch.


  • Studio equipment can accentuate makeup details; it’s better to have not enough than too much.
  • Go light on the makeup, minor skin imperfections can be easily addressed in retouch.
  • We can incrementally add makeup during the session, but reduction can be problematic, risking skin irritation.


  • Address noticeable nose hairs.
  • Comb eyebrows and ensure facial hair is groomed.
  • Eyelashes should be visible, not overshadowed.
  • Regularly moisturize lips for a soft appearance.
  • Double-check and brush your teeth before the shoot.


  • Aim for a restful night prior to your session. Good sleep only enhances your appearance but also boosts your energy levels.
  • If necessary, we can retouch signs of fatigue like under-eye bags.

Attention to these aspects ensures a smooth session, producing results that genuinely encapsulate your character. Arriving prepared increases the quality of your final images.